Spend a Day in Gaudi’s Barcelona

Mention Barcelona and the dialogue will change to Antoni Gaudi-the city’s most famous adopted son. If you’re planning a beach holiday in nearby Lloret de Mar, Barcelona is well worth exploring before you leap on your move.

The town is filled with the various critical legacies of the late modernist architect Gaudi, and they scatter the landscape, jutting out like people from another world. There is no mistaking the job and if you’re eager to find out more about Gaudi, streamline your itinerary to include those major works by the architect.

The Quirky Casa Mila

Calling Casa Mila”unique” may be redundant, considering the fact that quirkiness has been Gaudi’s signature. Though your mind might be on the waiting beaches of Lloret de Mar, Barcelona for a day should include a trip to this site at the least. Gaudi spent the past couple of decades of his life from town and Casa Mila had been his final architectural work (built before 1910) before his mammoth task to try to finish (and eventually dismally failing) that the Sagrada Familia. Largely the result of on-the-spot improvisation of Gaudi’s co-designers, Casa Mila’s exterior attributes”wavy” balconies, as commonly found in a quarry-hence, the moniker”Pedrera” (or quarry). Similarly, the interior owns absolutely no straight lines-everything is expressed in curves in varying degrees. Those accustomed to the straight lines of standard architecture could not help but be amazed at Gaudi’s daring design.

The Casa Batllo

Colorful and, well, “gaudy,” Casa Batllo is among the three renowned modernist buildings on what is considered the trendy boulevard of Passeig de Gracia. Casa Batllo is frequently one of the very first visited websites by tourists. Fascinating both inside and outside, Casa Batllo is a grand showcase of Gaudi’s talents, right down to details such as the tiles, wooden doors, and even the carved out the fireplace. Unlike anything you’re likely to see when you reach Lloret de Mar, Barcelona’s Casa Batllo is certainly one of a kind and well worth visiting.

The Sagrada Familia

And of course, we have saved the best (or the most famous) before the past. Universally acknowledged as Gaudi’s”magnum opus,” the Sagrada Familia is frequently suggested as the first destination you ought to visit on a”Gaudi pilgrimage.” But as this is possibly the best and most famous of the functions of the artist, possibly deserves to be the one which you must cap daily with before you get on your move to Lloret de Mar. Barcelona’s Divine glory, despite being dumb, is its most popular: tens of thousands of tourists flock to the church every day, admiring its spires (or rather, engaging in”imagining” the church in its own future ended form). Currently under construction (yes, still), together with architects extrapolating on Gaudi’s first design, the Sagrada Familia is slated for completion in 2030

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